What Does Being Adopted Mean To You?


The experience of being adopted can be ongoing or hit like a ton of bricks. Either way, it’s often linked with other life stresses

and transitions in life and relationships. For nearly 20 years, I’ve been passionate about helping individuals and families change

their lives. I offer psychotherapy and consultations for adoptees and families through the life cycle. Families come from

throughout Massachusetts and beyond, including Boston, Newton, Brookline and Cape Cod. I also do consultations and

workshops at adoption agencies and schools. My life as a Korean-Adoptee enriches and informs my work. Along with

overarching themes, it’s the details that make each family unique. If you’re a school interested in having me as a speaker or

consultant, please get in touch!

Parenting in the Eye of the Storm: The Adoptive Parent’s Guides to Navigating the Teen Years

This Book is Great For:

  1. Adoptive parents.
  2. Mental health professionals.
  3. School counselors.
  4. Doctors.
  5. Adoption agencies.

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